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Love Confession

I think I am in Love

ssncn94, Female, 32, USA, somewhere

Everyday I see him, and I can't brethe. My heart hurts, and I feel as though I'm am about to faint. He knows that I like him, but not that I love him. Thats about all he knows, the rest is still a mystery to him. I just wish he would give me a sign.

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Comments By Other Users

NotHalfOfIt, Male, 35, South Africa, Joburg 13-1-2009
You should confront him. But there's a but...I hate to point this out but he may have got the idea and may be avoiding it because he's not interested. Best thing is to tell him but lay off the love part and hope for similar feelings. Don't hold back and don't give into fear of embaraisment and all that. Let him know and things will either turn out as you want them to or you simply have motivation to get over him and move on. Some guys don't allways make the first move. Good luck =)


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