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I sorry my boyfriend. you are amazing.

deeplysorry, Female, 33, United Kingdom, england

I sorry my boyfriend. you are amazing.
you live far away becasue of work and thats why we have had a long distance relationship. but today i went on to craigslist on the personal area to look for a friend. but i found this guy and we emailed today and we ended up meeting tonight to just meet and we talked for about an hour and half and then i went out to his car to wait for my ride for about 10 mintues and all the time i told him about my life but i never said i wanted a relationship but i never told him that i had a boyfrined but i told him that i lived with a friend but i didnt tell him that i really lived with your aunt. but after i left we started txting back and forth when i got back home and i told him that i had a boyfriend and he got real upset. i never wanted to cheat. just wanted a friend since your so far away and i only see you every three to four months for a few days. im sorry. i had very bad judement. but i said that i only wanted to be friends to the guy.

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MissCharmed, Female, 33, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
I know the feeling girl. You can't be blamed and I have also been there. Know how shitty and guilty you feel though. Try and be honest with him. If he can't see how deeply sorry you are how much you regret, he's not the one for you. But also-you gotta ask yourself-are you the one for him? Maybe it just wasn't meant to be.


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