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Love Confession

To the only girl I ever loved - Shreya

Bazigaar69, Male, 33, India, Kolkata

Hi... I had really liked this girl named shreya throughout my school days ... I was mad about her since I first saw her in 2nd standard ... But all the other guyz also used to go gaga over her.... As I was only da average guy next door with no special qualities I could never propose to her in fear of being made a fool among my classmates ... Now I am 19 and left school ..... I havent seen her for 4 yrs now,dont know where she is .... But I still cannot forget her !! The memories of her still mesmorises me .... I hope where ever she is she gets all the happiness in the world .... I can only tell if she would have ever come into my life I would keep her like a princess in wonderland .... I will love u Shreya for eternity !!

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