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Love Confession

I am a terrible person

iamabadman, Male, 33, France, Paris

Im with a girl who i thinks only went with me because i looked like a guy she used to fantasize over at high school. when i changed my looks she really liked me. well that relationship has been quite rocky for sometime and i now have feelings for another girl, but im a stupid man so it wouldn't be any girl, no it would be the girlfriend, of the boy my current girlfriend used to fantasize over. but im not sure whether the girl i like LIKE LIKES me, likes me, or its just one of these girls who flirts and likes all attention from any boy.
i do feel really bad for wanting this girl so badly, but also for wanting my current relationship to end so badly but i cant bring myself to end it because of how highly strung my girlfriend is. and there is quite a bit more to this but i dont even feel to write it down, i am just a horrible person inside.

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