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Love Confession

Hate me plz

abhi, Male, 41, India, Chandigarh

i m a 23(ok looks) yr old guy , kind of setteled, found an 24 yr gal(good looks) attractive , proposed her she accepted unexpectedly.We were togther for abt 4 mnths , she luved me more than anything in the world.she is quite sweet and senti types.she wanted to marry me .After sumtime i realized i have sum family responsibilties(i luv my family like anything), which wudn't allow me to marry for another 3-4 yrs i guess, moreover even i didn 't want to get married at such an tender age.Was really confused and as the course of things turned ,i kind of dumped her.I knew she luved me more than anything and i kind of hate myself for doing this, but then i guess being the only son family responsibilites are sumthing i dont want to run away from.Nobody expect me (neither she , nor my family) knows all this.She cannot wait for more than a yr or two, her parents are quite adamant. i feel ashamed for wat i did.I really feel like an asshole.It feels like i m the worst person on the earth.Luv u babes ,never imagined my life without you but there is no point in patching up , moreover looks to me u deserve sumone better .People please comment and call me an assshole, that may be of sum help to me .

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