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I encouraged my friend to cheat on his wife with me

lucky60452, Female, 34, USA, DC

Two friends of mine just got married this summer, and the husband (P) is a BIG FLIRT. There have been multiple occasions when he's been very touchy-feely and all that jazz, even in the presend of his wife (M).

Well I had friends over for a New Years party and P and M were there. We were all very very drunk, and I was lying in my bed with P and M in the wee hours of the morning talking. M starts to pass out, and P reaches up my skirt and begins to finger me and kiss me. In the meantime, he's STILL talking to M who's on the other side of him in my bed.

Eventually, M passes out in the living room and P comes and locks himself in my room and we begin to make out some more. But P's sister was also at the party, and she was practically dragging him out of the room. She busted in while my leg was around him, and he was fingering me, and we both had to pull away from each other. I don't think she realized that happened.

Anyway, we never had sex. BUT I helped him cheat on his lovely, charming, beautiful, nice wife who I really do like.

I feel terrible about it. We haven't discussed it.

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Comments By Other Users

Akram, Male, 38, USA, Michigan 30-4-2009
u acted quite naturally!!

addicted2him27, Female, 30, USA, dallas 10-1-2009
You can't control how you react when you are drunk so I wouldn't beat myself up over that.

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