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I get hot from...

wetnwild69, Female, 31, USA, Hartland

Well my sister lives at home and she is a few years older than me but when her boyfriend is here, they have sex...

and she's obviously loud because I can hear her in my room but every single time i hear it, i want to listen to it and i get really turned on and wet from it.....

is this weird?

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Comments By Other Users

EveWitch, Female, 32, Ukraine, Lviv 8-4-2009
that's so natural) soon you'll have your own boyfriend don't worry) or you do have?

MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
LOVE your username by the way... I think it's healthy. But yeah.. you have to forge your own sexuality apart from her. Apart from anything to do with her. But yea... it's still hot.

SickBoy01, Male, 30, Australia, Perth 22-2-2009
It's perfectly normal. If u don't like that kind of situation, just change the room or tell ur sister to do somthing about it if it's alright. I used to record my aunty having sex with her husband with a mp4 under her bed. I know that's sick, but my point is don't feel weird.

creative, Male, 52, United Kingdom, Manchester 15-1-2009
Sex happening around you is likely to make you want sex. This is just how pornography works. It is a very simple and normal response. If you are not comfortable with it then move forward and forge your own sexuality separate from what is happening around you. take control youself. look at sex and see what attracts you.

theboss, Male, 74, Zambia, Chipata 13-1-2009
It would be weird if you WEREN'T turned on by it.

NotHalfOfIt, Male, 32, South Africa, Joburg 12-1-2009
Its a natural reflex to be turned on by stuff like that and those close to you speaks closer to what is in you...but try to stop =)


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