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Love Confession

Sex with the maid

theboss, Male, 76, Zambia, Chipata

I'm a white farmer in southern Africa, married with two kids. I love my wife, but one of our maids seemed to really like me. She was eighteen, I was sixty. I had a hell of a sexual reaction to her, and one day I kissed her. She reponded, and a few days later I had sex with her, which was very erotic. This still happens occasionally when my wife is shopping or at work. We don't always have much time - I sometimes just have to grab her, pull her knickers off, screw her, and send her back to work. She seems to find this just as arousing as I do.

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MissCharmed, Female, 33, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
She could be your granddaughter. Do you even realize that? Do you know how you are ripping your wife apart from the inside? Women aren't stupid you know, even though you might think so. It's hard to believe your supposed to be a stunning South African Boer. And you go and do something like that. And also, don't take the maid's feelings to mind. Get over yourself and rather work on spicing up your marraige if you need more stimulation. It's never too late to start over/explore.


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