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My Two Guys

KittyKitty, Female, 30, USA, columbus

Okay so i have a boyfriend that i know i want to spend the rest of my life with. But the problems is he lives an hour away so i dont get to see him as much as i want to, but i have this feeling i have to have someone holding on to me and waiting me at all points of there life. So that brings us to kevin he is the guy that is around right now he likes to spend money on me and owrry about me and be around me but i know tht i dont really want to be wiht him i told him that i wasnt ready t be in a relationship yet when the truth i that i want to be with Joe but now if he cant be around like he need to be i mean he is lazy just sits around that house all day and doesnt have a car so he can never come see me when i need him like Kevin can.

I dont know how to tell Kevin that i have a boyfriend and that i dont wanna be with him, wihtout hurting him he seems to really like me and telling me that he is so happy with me and being around me and al that he does for me seems to make him really happy. i dont know what to do with myslef,

The thing that gets me the most is that fact tthat i dont feel that least bit bad about cheating on my boyfriend like i am. i don have a little voice in that back of my head telling me that i shouldnt be doing this like that like most people do but Why?

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Comments By Other Users

deepblue27, Female, 36, India, Mumbai 20-4-2009
Cause mayb u were nt lukin for such u aint guilty..Move on!

hidingeverything, Male, 33, USA, huntington beach 30-1-2009
what if you do it in a way that excites him and you guys make it a kinky part of your might work out better then you think..suggest it talk dirty about it...make him want it

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