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thesoundoffury13, Male, 32, USA, Grove City

First off, you have to understand that I am a straight male, and I'm 21 years of age but I have something that's been making me ask myself questions and I really want to know what others think about this.

Since about three years ago, I have been wearing pantyhose under my pants. Whether it's to work, to school, to the movies, everywhere I go, it's in pantyhose.

I guess what I want to know is, is there anyone out there who does the same? I know it's not "normal" and I would never show anyone (except for my g/f and she thinks it's sexy btw) but I just basically am interested in your opinion... and if you're a girl, do you think that would be sexy? LET ME KNOW...

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ln7, Female, 32, USA, NYC 24-3-2009
i think you could be bisexual or maybe its just a fantasy. either way it's fine... my husband is gay, for sure. and the only bad thing is that i wish he would accept it better, he would just be happier...

hotbitch, Male, 32, USA, macon 16-2-2009
I wear pantyhose, and panties under them, I have since I was 15, a few people know it and it used to sorta bother me, but the way I look at it is, what are they doing that they wouldn't want anybody to know or see.

ohman333, Male, 30, USA, staten island 23-1-2009
why do you wear them? do they feel good?

kfsteve391, Male, 72, USA, mesa 17-1-2009
If what you are doing feels good and you get satisfaction from it go ahead. You are able to live one of your fantasies, which some people never get to do. We are all different and you get enjoyment from it. I wear womens panties and I'm having a blast doing it.


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