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Love Confession

Martelle Serrine Etienne

don, Male, 33, United Kingdom, leeds

hi, i am 19 asian unique in the way i dress and look and have had my fair share of the lady's (the oldest being 45!! bt thts a story for later) any i had this job in a bar i loved workn thr i also had close friends thr aswel, thr ws ths 1 girl a friend ov a friend whom i got 2 knw very well we would get food 2getha afta work and some times get reali drunk we shared some reali good time and always talkd and made fun ov ppl and stole frm work hahah!!! any our bar was about 2 close in like 2 months so i left becoz thy stop givn us tips, she stayd after a week or 2 i missed her sooo much i went and got my job bck if only for 4 weeks. as the end ws near we started getn more drunk afta work one nite possibly the 2nd 2 last we gt realy drunk and i am not sure if she kissed me. she's a big girl bt i love tht about her. i am nt sure if asian guys are her type even tho i am a coconut brown on the outside white on the inside lol. i love her sooo much she is on my mind all of the time i still have contact wiv her on facebook bt thts it i can see my self growing old wiv her. if she reads i love 'Martelle Serrine Etienne' bt am 2 much of a pussy 2 speak up. xxx read u can work out who i am xxx

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