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On the tube

obknob, Male, 64, United Kingdom, stoke

I was on the tube in london. It was very crowded, the man i was facing kept looking at me. I looked away then the next thing I felt his hand on my cock. I froze so he carried on. To my shame I got hard. He started to masturbate me through my trousers . I did not know what to do.The next thing i know is i am coming right there on the tube. Then the tube stopped so I just ran off.

The thing is I must have liked it because the whole thing took less than three minutes. My girlfriend has not managed to make me come from doing that yet he did it in a moment.

The other night i had a dream that i was chased and held down by 4 men and they sucked my cock. I woke up covered in my cum.


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Comments By Other Users

MissCharmed, Female, 31, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
OMG that is so hot!! You gotta explore this a bit more. With your girlfriend... and maybe a guy too if you dare. You never know what things may hold.

billijoe, Male, 60, USA, Big Timber 30-1-2009
So you like fronteurism. Have you girl let you rub your prick on her ass in a crowed place.

chillie6, Female, 56, United Kingdom, London 27-1-2009
The same thing happened to me a few years back (I am female btw) I was on a crowded tube train and I could feel the guy behind pushing up against me. I don't know what happened but it was though a surge just ran through me and i felt myself pressing and grinding into his crotch! it went on for about three stations and he was sooo hard, i loved it. I felt embarrassed afterward by dry fucking on a train is awesome...


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