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Love Confession

I Love You, But You Dont Love Me?

PixelDawn, Female, 31, Australia, Away From You

I love him so very much.
More than anyone else in the whole entire world.
I've known him for 2 years, this year, 3 years.

He constantly makes me laugh.
He makes me smile.

I know you'll never read this.
But i want you to know.
I love you.

I dont care about our age difference.

I love you for who you are.

I hate it when you call yourself a nerd.
Because your not.
Your...Your amazing.

We never argue.
We're like the best of friends.
But no more than that....

That time i confessed to you.
But you didnt get it.
You thought i was saying
"I love you, as a big brother"
I dont....
I love you...As a crush.

Why dont you understand....

But then, im just being selfish.
Wanting what i want.

I want to see you happy.
And if being happy means.
Loving another girl.
Then...I vow to myself.
I'll make sure....That you
never know how i feel.

I want you to be happy forever.
I want to see you smile.

Your happiness is better than anything!
Than gold.
Than money
Than everything.

So why cant i give up?
I dont know...
I hope, the many years to come.
For you.
Are the best.
And that every Valentines day.
You'll have a smile on your face.

I love you...

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Comments By Other Users

chaoticdreamer17, Male, 36, USA, Los Angeles 28-5-2009
I really wish you success when you confess to him again. good luck!

chaoticdreamer17, Male, 36, USA, Los Angeles 28-5-2009
seeing how much you feel about him, I'd say gather the courage and confess again. people change and in my opinion/experience ... men are never too hard to get ... =)

MissCharmed, Female, 33, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009
Wow woman! You write beautifully by they way. Do you know that? You should think of starting a blog.. if you haven't already. I hope everything works out for you. And him. It's true love if you want him to be happy... no matter what. * Respect*


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