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bi sexual

Hmv21, Male, 33, United Kingdom, london

i think i might be bi-sexual i keep looking at transexuals and thought of going out with a transexual. i have also been looking at mens di*ks but i dont know if its because im insurcure about my own di*k

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Comments By Other Users

MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
Yeah I think you must try and experiment a bit, maybe you'll learn more about yourself, maybe you ARE bi-sexual, which is always cool, and maybe it's just insecurities. But if you don't try and find out it'll eat you up inside. Believe me, I know.

billijoe, Male, 60, USA, Big Timber 30-1-2009
Go suck someboy off. If you like it you're bi or homo.


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