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Caught parents

Gibbo, Male, 40, United Kingdom, Manchester

I was staying with a friend for the weekend (Fri & Sat) on saturday I realised I had left my wallet at home and we were going to the cinema.
When I got home on Saturday afternoon as I was going up the stairs towards my room I could hear noises coming from mun and dads room. As I got to the landing I could see mum and dads bedroom door open about 8 inches or so, although I couldn't see the actual bed I had a clear view of the mirror reflection, what I saw shocked me and I stood outside the room clearly looking in the mirror and watching our neighbour and my mum totally naked pounding away on the bed. My dad was at the bottom of the bed tied to the bedstead, wearing my mums underwear and a see through baby doll nightie, it looked like he had hancuffes on his wrist and a gag in his mouth, but he was clearly watching mum get done. I sneaked my wallet and left the house without them knowing I has seen anything.
Leter in that week after college, I went in to my parents room and started looking in mums drawers, in the bottom of her clothes chest I found the handcuffes and gag, also a butt plug, but there was a paper envelope full of photos of my dad in all different types of lingerie, pics of him tied up and even a couple of him dressed as school girl performing oral sex on the neighbour, in another picture he was dressed in a sort of maid outfit with mum masturbating the neighbour all over das face. Prior to this I always thought mum and dad were ordinary quiet normal people.
I think all this has had a profound effect on me as I cant stop sneaking in their room and looking at dadfs pictures, i have tried on my muns lingerie and baby doll nighties and I love them, I would like my girlfriend to do these sort of thing to me is this normal, just the thought of it can make me soil mums knickers, am I bad?

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Comments By Other Users

stilldoll, Female, 29, USA, Chicago 10-5-2009
uh, no you're not bad. In fact that is incredibly turning me on...anyway moving on, thats perfect normal to feel stimulated when you see sexual photos and stuff like that. Talk to your girlfriend about it, only if you want to, and see what she has to say and her opinion. If she wants it congrads, but if she doesnt want ot do it then dont pressure her, be respectful and caring. let her know you understand but the option is always open.

MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
OMG!!!!! First of all - shock of your life (would be for me) to see what you saw... and now you're turning out the same way. I'm not saying it's a bad thing - everyone needs to explore as much as they can. Just go soft on the girlfriend. Hope you've known each other VERY long.


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