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Love Confession


jilly321, Female, 29, United Kingdom, sheffield

i want my brother-in -law to touch me, he is soooo gorgeous. i like to wear really short skirts and i try to flirt wiv him when my sis aint about. i don't know if he knows it or he might fink im childish, but im not.
he takes me home in his car and i sit next to him, i always make sure my dress rides up wen i get in so he can get a good look at my legs, i do fink he likes looking cause he dropped his keys and lent forward to pick em up, he must of seen up my dress as i had my legs open a bit. i just wish he would put his hand up my dress and touch me, i would luv it. my m8s say i should be more obvious but i dont know how. he is 24 and in nearly 16 its sooo unfair, what do i do or am i fooling myself that he would even be interested

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Comments By Other Users

philatio, Male, 60, USA, cali 30-5-2009
next time, dont wear a bra, and take off your top and show him your tits..

chaoticdreamer17, Male, 35, USA, Los Angeles 28-5-2009
brother-in-law .. personally, I'd just forget it. if it's "cousin", then I'd say otherwise. but brother-in-law means it's directly related to your sister. either way, you probably won't like to hear this ... but you're young. you'll meet so many hot and good men in the near future. no need the risk to break up your relationship with your sister.

MissCharmed, Female, 31, South Africa, Centurion 6-3-2009
I think your friends are fooling themselves. And so are you. You have to have respect for him for not faltering and touching you in any way. He's MARRIED. To your sister. Would you want your husband in a few years touching girls in their teens? I suppose not. I hope not. Think about that for a second. It's VERY wrong what you're doing. Destroying a unity God concluded.

hungnfun519, Male, 44, Canada, Windsor 20-2-2009
Be more obvious, take off your panties and hand them to him once in the car.....or take his hand and place it on your leg....I would guess he is interested but is reluctant to make the fist move. Give him a hand and I'm sure you two will have fun.

Ignatius, Male, 37, United Kingdom, London 15-2-2009
What?!!!?? Under no circumstances tempt your brother in law. Give up trying to seduce him and welcome him into your family. Stop before you ruin loved ones lives. There is no moral ambiguity about what your doing, what you are doing is wrong.

theboss, Male, 74, Zambia, Chipata 11-2-2009
You're what's known as a nasty little tart

gerry321, Male, 39, United Kingdom, durham 4-2-2009
i think your friends are right, be really obvious, maybe remove your underwear before he takes you home. He maybe waiting for you to get a little older, i doubt it will be long before he can resist making a move.

gerry321, Male, 39, United Kingdom, durham 4-2-2009
i think your friends are right, make it really obvious what you want, maybe remove your underwear before he takes you home. He may just be waiting for you to get a bit older, i doubt if he can resist much longer

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