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i want to die

Eric812, Male, 29, USA, West Bend

i really want to die. my life has been a wreck from the start. i only know pain and misery i want to die.

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mixedup74, Female, 46, United Kingdom, glasgow 7-3-2009
I hope things change for you.I have felt the way you do at certain times in my life but you are still very young and things do change,although you probaly wont believe that,but they do.I speak from experience :) x

archangel, Female, 56, USA, chicago 10-2-2009
Just remember matter how hopeless things SEEM, life does get better and easier. You were born under a lucky star; if you take one day at a time, you will see it gets easier. Speak to a suicide hotline to see if they can help.......

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