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just.. me

jessy444, Female, 30, USA, Fort Lauderdale

I'm a liar.I am such a good liar. I talk about others behind their backs, I gossip, and I meddle. I am so lazy! I would rather hit snooze then wake up with the sunrise, as I should. I procrastinate often. I go from boy to boy like they were kleenex tissues, use one once or twice and then discard. Oh and I watch porn sometimes, and I feel guilty about that. I'm angry. I am so angry at this place, for the pressure it puts on me and my friends. I am angry at my father for having all the characteristics of human that i despise. I am terrified. I am terrified at what this world is going to bring, where I am going to end up and with whom I am going to end up. I just want to be forgiven for my sins and vices.

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PorcupineLove, Female, 31, USA, New York 3-5-2009
Watching porn is wonderful. Forget what the media and society says about it. I think it's probably actually a good thing. We have to relieve sexual tension somehow. As long as we can seperate reality from the movies (i.e. how porn often portrays women really negatively) then there isn't a real problem

radafly, Male, 34, Finland, Quaintiki 22-3-2009
We so same i,just da gender diffrent

Who, Male, 32, Canada, Unknown 7-2-2009
Life is a paradox. People will always overlook the good, over the bad, even about themselves. There is no right or wrong, just the person you want to become. So be who you like to be, or the person you'd like to be in your head. And if you make a mistake, then no worries, life is all about trail and error. Guilt is just proof that your already a morally good person deep down inside. (Okay, so maybe I'm babbling like a moron. These are just my thoughts)

ImTooBad09, Female, 30, United Kingdom, London 4-2-2009
I deffo feel the same. I bitch bout people too and i love to watch porn. Is that bad :S?? x


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