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unwanted pregnancy

sunnygijoe, Male, 36, Thailand, bangkok

i slept with my house maid about a year ago,she didnt mind me having sex with her,but after having sex with her twice in the same month i realize what we were doing was wrong and i stoped interacting with her which she didnot mind either,but few months ago i saw her belly increasing i asked was she pregnant??? she said no,she had just started eating more and needed to control,she hid this information from me for six months till it was really visible tht she was pregnant,she was taken for a check up with one of her freind who spread this information of her pregnancy to everybody,me been from a very conservative family feared wht my family will do if i said them the truth,but then the rumours spread within our neighbours that she was having and affair with one of her freinds husband and he got him pregnant
now i donot know what to do cause sometimes i think that i had used total protection when i slept with her and the child doesnt belong to me,and belongs to to the other person,but then again i know the fact that the protections are not 100% safe
the strange part is the girl opted to be quite and didnt balme anybody,but me i cannot stop thinking about this situation which is effecting my work and carrier

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headybitch, Female, 37, USA, chicago 21-2-2009
your conscious is eating you alive because you're a caring person. you made a careless mistake, but you have to stop blaming yourself. try to get her to do a DNA test for the child. it'll stir up some ugly, but you'll know for sure and then you'll be free of the stress. stress will ruin your life and your sense of self. get the test done and you'll be free of it. if it's your child then at least you'll finally know for sure. pray about it before you approach it.


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