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sex with maid

sunnygijoe, Male, 36, Thailand, bangkok

a year ago i had sex with my maid which she enjoyed as well,after havin it couples of time i back off thinkin tht it wasn t right,everything went on normal for few months and now she is six months pregnant,since i belong to a consevative family i cannot say truth to my family,the maid has opted to be quite and not to balme anybody,but somhow rumours spread that she was having an affair with anther freind of hers which she is not denyin and the baby belongs to the other man,now am totally confused wht to do cause somtimes i think i did a big mistake,sumtimes i think tht it doesnot belong to me so i shuoldnot be sad reagrding this all this the maid has gone for pregnancy leave and will return only after two months which make me more frustrated cause i cannot ask the truth to her

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ImTooBad09, Female, 30, United Kingdom, London 4-2-2009
Bang Her Again Because She's Pregnant She Cant Get Pregnant Again :D And Even If It May Be Another Mans Baby Bang Her A Few More Times Then Fire Her :) x


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