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telling my mother

likeAstar, Female, 34, Canada, toronto

about 2 months ago my mother moved in with me because she got sick ..i never thought i would never want her to leave..she saved me..on boxing day 08 i had a friend come over and we kinda liked eachother so we were just kissing and whatever but he took it too far and raped me.when he was almost finished my mom called out my name because she needed something..i didnt want to scream cause my mom couldnt of done anything..but i juss wish she knew she saved my life

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Ashamed, Female, 31, United Kingdom, middlesborough 27-5-2009
I have never been raped myself so I wouldn't know. Plus, me and mother are quite close and if I was in your situation I would tell her. But you don't have to. It is your decision. She might understand.

cl12749801, Male, 30, USA, attleboro 1-5-2009
god bless your mother, and you.

MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
Wow that's deep. And OMG you should really tell her. You're amazing for protecting her in such a way, but she has to know. Before there's no tomorrow.

lostlove12, Female, 30, USA, florida 15-2-2009
tell her.

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