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Who am i ?!

shameme, Male, 42, Malaysia, Perak

I'm a 32 yrs old guy with not a single achievement in my life.I have bunch of good friends, a gf and a warm hearted family.From everybody thoughts, i'm a degree holder as i'm working with a potential company and earn lots for my living.But actually i'm not what they thought of me..not a single achievement. Worse thing is i like to show off,lies and talk like professional in front of them just to cover up who i am.

I feel really shame..but i can't brave myself to talk to them about the truth of myself.Can't really remember since when i started to compared myself with my friends. The more i compared, the more i feel shame and i'm trying to stay away from them.

I try to be someone better but i can't really control for messing up everything just because of my image.

**GOD, please tell me what i should do**

Nothing could be better that i can become what i am.......i'm lost..

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themanwhoknew, Male, 31, United Kingdom, London-ish 23-2-2009
You have made no achievements? Even if you were unable to leave your bed you would still find it very hard to not make an achievement. I know your problem. You've set your standards abnormally high. You want to be someone you're not and you've got yourself a mask you can hide behind. You can't fix this problem with a swoop of your wand and hope for the best. It's a gradule process taking weeks, months and even years. Don;'t try to be the best person in the world, just try to be the best you can be and live with it. Don't be someone you're not, otherwise you'll start believing you are.

SickBoy01, Male, 30, Australia, Perth 22-2-2009
Bro, I can feel ya. That's one of the two reasons I joined this website. My life is pretty much like urs. Everyone though I 'm good. But, I know I'm not. I even have dirty minds that I covered with my pretended behaviours. I tried not to lie. But, it became one of my behaviour. It's in my blood.

headybitch, Female, 37, USA, chicago 21-2-2009
lay down the bag of brick sweetheart. you underestimating how much your family do love you. you have forgotten who you really are and you think they won't accept you for who you really are. family will love you regardless. you have to start by trying to forgive yourself


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