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trueorfalse, Female, 30, United Kingdom, london

i cheated on my boyfriend with the owner of the bar he works in. the worst part is that i said i didnt and he belived me.

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MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
EVERYONE has done this. Okay not everyone but more than most will admit. It's not nice being cheated on so please look at it from his point of view... not that I'm the one to preach, I've cheated more than once. But I say from experience that cheating on your partner is a sure sign that the relationship is NOT MEANT TO BE. You just have to deal with that as soon as you can. Not stretch it out unnecessarily.

SickBoy01, Male, 30, Australia, Perth 22-2-2009
well, umm- - - it's hardly impossible u don't get orgasm with 25 guys.. May be it's kind of psychological problem or they must be short-comers..

headybitch, Female, 37, USA, chicago 21-2-2009
oh honey men do this all of the time. He'll find out and then he'll hate you. he'll probably never talk to you again. the question is do you really care; if you don't then don't sweat it. he'll be aight. this is a fucked up world


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