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Love Confession

Unreasable feelings.

Who, Male, 32, Canada, Unknown

So...I like a girl nearly eight years younger than me. A girl who, so far has barely reached her teens.

I can't figure if I like or love her but, I've known this girl for nearly five years. I don't look at any girls her age or anyone else remotely the same way, just her, and only her, and these feelings for her have grown only in the last two years or so...and has plagued me ever since.
I like girls around my age. I've never taken a fancy to adolescent kids or teens stuck in limbo. I don't have pedophile-like thoughts. But this girl? She sends my mind to the gutter, and I have daydreams of dates and just being around her. It could be love, but, I could just be an idiot with a stupid crotch. Either way, I will never allow myself, or anyone else to hurt her.

I do try to keep my distance from her, keep quiet, and so far have always treated her as a friend. I know I can't bring myself to confess to her because not only is it wrong, but I can't even say she would return my feelings, despite how there are, at some times, moments where I think she might. She's funny, sweet, tomboyish, stylish, caring, and, in my opinion, beautiful...

But no matter what I feel, I can't really do anything. She's too young, and I won't hurt her. I like her a lot, I want to tell her how I feel, but everything around me tells me I shouldn't. So I won't. I just want her to be happy. I guess the best thing I can do, probably the only thing I can do, is simply support her in whatever choices she makes in life and find myself a solid girlfriend pronto.

Still, she's always on my mind...

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Comments By Other Users

funLoving2009, Male, 34, USA, DC 16-3-2009
You are just horny, Just get laid

abu9, Male, 47, South Africa, cape town 15-3-2009
it will probably blow over. i was in same situation once. just never get confuse and carried away

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