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trueorfalse, Female, 30, United Kingdom, london

ive had sex with over 25 guys, i only lost my virginity 2 years ago. but the thing is not one of those guys could make me orgasm, i only orgasm if im anlone and use my rabbit... how sad is that?

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2bfaithful, Female, 38, USA, jax 4-5-2009
Not as sad as you think. Lots of women have this problem. I've had sex with over 40 and have had the same situation except when there was a strong connection with the other person . I think once you do it with someone you love or have strong chemistry with it puts you a little more at ease. Also work on finding your position(ontop is usually the best for clitoral stimulation). Your already exploring your sexual wildside, so don't limit yourself! Just be careful-make sure to wrap it up EVERY TIME!!! And slow down a little bit- there's nothing wrong with being sexually active, just don't let that sexual activity cover up for something else that's going on inside.

Akram, Male, 38, USA, Michigan 30-4-2009
different people need different things as stimulus....

MissCharmed, Female, 32, South Africa, Centurion 5-3-2009
It happens to A LOT of woman. Believe me sweetie, you're not alone!! And btw, it so happens that sometimes you just need to find your fit. Good luck

headybitch, Female, 37, USA, chicago 21-2-2009
Not sad. Actually Quite normal. How old are you? I can probably explain why this is a fact.

MagicMoonWolf, Male, 70, United Kingdom, manchester 20-2-2009
you sound like a slut and a perv, you use a rabbit to masturbate?? that's sick

jemma1986d, Female, 34, United Kingdom, derbyshire 12-2-2009
its not sad at all hun uv just not met the right guy yet :)

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