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so hot...

me3000, Female, 42, USA, point pleasant

when we argue and banter back and forth I get so hot for you...I know it's wrong but the intellectual stimulation so quickly turns into physical stimulation...and it doesn't help that you are gorgeous...I feel so guilty for feeling this way, but I can't stop. I look forward to going to work and seeing you...I know I will never be with you, even if I had the chance because it would be so wrong in so many ways, but damn why can't I meet someone like you I can actually HAVE?!? you understand me and I understand you..we have so many little things we say and look at each other and know what we are saying and no one else gets it..and I love that...I think you feel it too..sometimes the way you look at me it's like electricity. I just want to grab you and kiss you...ugh!
I hate myself for feeling this way.

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Akram, Male, 38, USA, Michigan 30-4-2009
what you are cofessing is very very natural.... i am quite that way myself....the intellectual stimulation turns me on too!!!! ;)


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