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Love Confession


LAVyou, Female, 30, United Kingdom, Newcastle

I've just moved to a new school, and in the summer i met a guy in year. We just clicked. He was funny, charming, witty and clever. We had so much in common; instantly i loved him. I told my friends, and was looking forward to spending my school time with him. AND THEN, my so called friend decided to go out with him. I was devastated. Then to add to it, they decided to tell me all the details about their relationship.. so when i moved up to the new school i learned to forget about him. and i worked, because he ignored me because his girlfriend hated me. but recently i confronted him about it, and he said he would change. a week ago, he joined a club, which i went to, and he started flirting with me. like nudging me, smiling at me, trying to make me laugh. i saw his girlfriend and she gave me an evil look. i mean it wasn't my fault, he was flirting with me. and now, i think i'm falling for him, AGAIN. i mean, friends have said that everytime he sees me, he smiles. So does he fancy me? or does he just like to flirt? Please help.

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