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Love Confession


LAVyou, Female, 30, United Kingdom, Newcastle

I've known you for less than a year now, and we just clicked. i love you so much, and i thought i got over you, but since you've started talking to me again, i think i love you again. Everytime i see you with her, i want to think you're thinking about me. And people say you smile whenever i'm there, and i've started to realise that. i really love you. I want to be your girlfriend. i want to show people that i love you without people judging me. i want to hold your hand, and feel your kiss. i'm seriously in love with you, and whenever you enter the room alone, my heart just jumps out of my chest. i'd do anything to spend a day alone with you, i just love talking to you. but she stops you, and you have no idea how much my heart hurts whenever you ignore me. i love you so much, i just wish you would love me back. i can't stop thinking about you, and what you say to me. i can't stop thinking about how you act around me. i love you, too much. and i don't know if i should, because i don't know how much longer my heart can stand this much pain.

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