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this life

bethanyneer, Female, 32, USA, utica

1) I've been raped a couple times to be honest i kinda liked it.

2) I cheated on my husband and kissed another man..twice

3) sometimes i think about other men when i masterbate

4) I want my husband to be a better dad

5) my mother is annoying

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Comments By Other Users

kamal, Male, 70, India, kolkata 28-5-2009
Why did you do this ? Be a nice girl and forget everything.

kank00, Female, 33, India, delhi 12-5-2009
hey honey.... if u have liked being raped n u don't like ur hubby...i think da prob lies in ur marriage.maybe he's not what u thought or he's not able to communicate with u well.i think dat u should try to revive ur old love and be there for each other.also,try new n my hubby have sex twice a day( at least).and to make him a better to him dat u feel dat he's neglecting da children.honey,if u masturbate thinking abt other guys,then where does ur marriage stand?pls try and work on it. please don't hate ur matter how bad she's to u ...remember dat she's da reason u r wud u feel if ur kids hated u?

andy11, Male, 38, Germany, Hessen 10-5-2009
you seem a lively person to me. I kind a like ur life style, but keep ur relationship to the extent that it does not intefere your family life. Else it's really is ok even to have some sex with a stranger.

cl12749801, Male, 30, USA, attleboro 1-5-2009
for every sin there is not a reward, but for every good deed their is not either. The lord would have forgiven you. Also just talk to your husband in a casual way. From a guys point of view, I would want you to tell me how i can do better. I would get mad, But criticize yourself too because we all have problems with what we do. best of luck, your anonymous friend

EveWitch, Female, 32, Ukraine, Lviv 8-4-2009
wow you are already married in such an age... that's so normal that you think of other men!


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