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Witholding the truth.

gant56, Male, 30, United Kingdom, london

I met a girl on the net from the US. i have managed to get in the states twice to see her. she knows i am an ex junkie but not that i have been to jail and been done for shoplifting twice, it would come out if i got married as she wants to do. I love her and as i have a little willy and she doesn't mind, i would like to be with her, but now i must have a heart bypass and that makes me too ill to live in the US. I can't bear to tell her.
I know it will destroy her to know this. I am a coward,

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Ashamed, Female, 30, United Kingdom, middlesborough 27-5-2009
You need to tell her! I know you can't but she deserves to know! Maybe she can come to the UK instead! But that's just a thought!

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