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Love Confession

Just another randomn rant now online

rihamega, Female, 31, USA, El Paso

Okay for starters I am in that time when all the relentless bitter feelings after last year Valentines, have added up and now Valentines is freaking here I again. I now to fight the valentines blues you should just drink a bottle of nyquil and pass out for the whole day and I tried that but sadly it wore off and now it's 8 clock and in fear of overdosing I am stuck watching v-day episodes. So in some much needed therapy for a sight that no one will read or even give a damn I will rant the past three years rage to each of my crushes.

Okay to Jamie. You were once like me another outcast. You were once funny, the only stimulus you needed was your intelligence and life. Then you met the witch, the bitter ice queen known as Alexis and she just poisoned your whole wide world. You became a druggie, drunkie and sex addict in the short span of two months. I watched it happen and now I am freaking disgusted with you. I hope you end up like any druggie in college, burning out od'ing and looking back on life thinking 'where the hell did i go wrong.' Oh and your hair cut is stupid and your legs are super skinny like a chickens, your acne is disgusting, you always reek of pot and booze and i feel really sorry for your brain because at one point you were once intelligent. One day someone will accidently fall on you and you're going to break and then I will laugh.

To Cameron
Alright I am clueless when it comes to flirting. I intimidate a lot of guys so when you were flirting with me especially you of all guys. You freaking Cameron McBride you were number six in the class, state wrestler, funny sweet, spontaneous Cameron Freaking McBride. So during when you started talking with me as I freaked in class about friction I thought you were just asking for gum or when you winked in my direction as you were on the computer I thought 'there's no way in hell he's flirting with me.' I thought we had a chance since you went to college that was still in town but then your true stupidity shone out. You go and have a shot gun wedding. I know guys are stupid but I was hoping you learned to use a damn condemn by now! God youre stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I hope it works out for you but at the young age and under the circumstances, my psychic vibe is predicting border line unhappy marriage/ divorce.

To Adam
You're an ass. You're a jerk! You're just a bad guy. And I say this but I know you're now. You're sweet, you're kind, you're smart but you're so stupid. You're shallow. You really are. When are you going to realize that there is more to life than that girl who has turned you down sixteen times. I know this sounds selfish but if you keep striking out with the nice sweet sensible girl you need to look elsewhere. Yes I am slightly damaged, and a bit harsh and a bit mean, but I wouldn't be boring. I was just asking for one thing! One freaking date! So clean out your glasses open your eyes and see me damn it!

To Herbie
You are just....I hate you! I fucking hate you! Everytime I see you I want to fucking punch your lights out. It's more out of frustration if anything. Youre really cute, really nice and really sweet and it irks me every single freaking time I look at you in your wide frame glasses that you will never see any romantic inclinations which is kind of weird because you want a girl who is smart, who is cute, who is spontaneous and has answers. I even ride a motorcycle like Zoe Deschanel so what don't you see in me?

Yes this confession is stupid, but it is love and right now at his moment I am just sick of it. Each of you freaking guys has made me deeply consider lesbianism, because I know for a fact that women are more emotion, more caring and a hell of a lot less shallow and arn't as intimidated by women so you want to know what. Each of you guys up there freaking grow some and by some I mean a penis and a brain and get with it! I hate men I hate men I hate men and I hate you all.

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