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0147852369, Male, 35, USA, rockville

I have tried for three years now and all i can do is about a week, every single time i am at home i get so tempted. I pray that this time will be my last. I pray that I will never do evil act of selfishness again. I pray that you will all offer up your prayers for me.

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kamal, Male, 70, India, kolkata 24-5-2009
It is not a sin. Only you are harming yourself.

Galateea, Female, 58, USA, Lynchburg 4-5-2009
There is nothing wrong with you. This is natural and pleasuring youself is the greatest gift life has to offer. Society has told you this is wrong but you should not be ashamed. Everyone does it and if they don't they should. The world would be a happier place. Free yourself now! You are not hurting anybody, enjoy!

PorcupineLove, Female, 31, USA, New York 3-5-2009
It is all right to masturbate. Healthy even. I'm sorry that it troubles you as much as it does. But the fact of the matter is, that its very, very healthy to release sexual tension. I don't often pray, so I can't offer you a pray. But I can wish you luck in finding what works for you in your life.

Jarachia, Female, 30, United Kingdom, Bath 30-4-2009
No offense, but why do you think it is an act of selfishness? Masturbation is actually a healthy thing to do, and helps you to find out what you like.

jjlee64, Male, 71, USA, Bellingham 19-4-2009
Stop torturing yourself. There is nothing wrong about what you are doing - it is natural and there is no sin connected with it - be moderate - be kind to yourself - IT IS ALRIGHT! 98% of all people do it and the other 2% are liars. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Trust yourself.

radafly, Male, 34, Finland, Quaintiki 22-3-2009
i've the same problem

jkona, Male, 39, USA, Centerville 12-3-2009
I have a similar issue that I am putting an end to now! You are not alone. I pray for the strength to overcome and rise above. I know the Lord will strenghthen me. I pray now for you that you can have the strength and righteous desires of your heart.

helloosam, Female, 30, USA, Chicago 8-3-2009
It's hard. Trust me-- I know. I've been masterbating since I was 9 or so, I just wish I never started. I hate it so much, it's the one thing about me I can not stand, if I could fix one thing it wouldn't be physical or having to do with money, it'd be that, it makes me hate myself and makes me feel gross. I don't know how to quit though.

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