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Tired of it all...

Tired82, Male, 38, USA, Stockton

So, I'm a great person. I have a great job. I have a great personality. But somehow, I'm always second best to every other man on the planet. There are women that I know love me, but because they love who they are with more I will never be with them. I'm so fucking tired of it. I deserve to be someone's first in their life. But I'm not. And I never will be. I'm tired of living and have seriously, for the first time, contemplated ending my life. I contemplated today driving to San Francisco, stopping on the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge, and then getting out of my car and just leaping to my death. I dont know what else I can do. If I'm not good enough now, I dont think I ever will be. Its very frustrating to be perpetually alone. I just want to die. I dont know what else to do.

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Natural, Male, 63, Canada, Toronto 27-5-2009
Hey Girl, I'll write as much as I can in 10 minutes. So you have two confessions. In one of them you talk about wanting to punch some guys heads in. Well. Let call that going bitch. So, who wants a girl who is that mean. In my head I have pictures in my head of women when they go bitch and I can't get them out of my head. I don't want to be with them. I have seen a totally ugly guy pick up good looking girls in a bar week after week. What' his secret. He's really nice. Do you ever feel good when you help someone else? I guess so. The more you do. The better you feel. If you are going nice things to get something, that's some kind of a deal The nice people do more than they ever get back. You get the man you deserve. So you deserve a guy who goes bitch. Lots of people feel bad about themselves when they are teenagers. In fact only the perfect looking girl and guy do not. Be nice, do some good things, have fun like you did when you were just a little kid. When you feel bad do something that makes you feel good. The trick is to feel good about yourself as much as possible. How many hours do you feel good each day. Try to just increase that.

catchme295, Male, 31, India, chennai 16-5-2009
relax dude....jus realise there r lot of ppl like u in all parts of the world..jus think of god who will always be there for you and realise there will be a way...don get too depressed..start praying and i swear u ll see a difference happening to ur life..btw jus try watching the movie 'fireproof' if u can...bye... :-)

PorcupineLove, Female, 31, USA, New York 3-5-2009
Well, first off, I would suggest some serious you time. Definitely, definitely therapy of some sort. And don't be turned off just because I said that. I go to therapy myself. It's healthy, because it lets you work through your stuff. Basically, I've found, the best way to attract someone is to be happy in your own skin, in your own life. And from the way it sounds, you're really, really not right now. Try getting involved in something new, exploring new hobbies, getting really passionate. Because as soon as you're not thinking about it (I know, it's hard, it is), something really wonderful will probably happy. A positive attitude can work wonders. In the mean time, just take care of yourself. Do the things you like to do, the things that make you feel nice. It sounds like your struggling with depression, and that's ok. Just remember that you're stronger than that. Sorry for sounding like such a therapist myself. Just trying to give a bit of advice. That doesn't sound like a great way to be feeling. So I hope you feel better.

Cdog, Female, 30, USA, R-town 30-4-2009
If these are your real problems in life, get a clue. The world doesn't revolve around ur significant other. I carry around bigger problems in my back pocket. Like how am i gonna pay court fees, and how am i gonna get a job with no experience, and how the mother fuck am i gonna keep my family together. I dont even have time to think ohhh i wish i could have a sweet little virgin girl, cuz thats all i hear from you. Seriously get a real idea.

Jullianna, Female, 32, Romania, Cluj 23-4-2009 are not alone....same sittuation here...leaving out the modesty, i am completely gorgeous and smart and funny and i can't find a decent guy to be with,.if you will read my love confession, you will see that the only person who is worth unacceptibly unavailable,..i can never get to i will go on with my life, because maye, just maybe live isn't all about phisical love,,,i will maintain a platoic love with him, and i will concentrate myself on career and helping other people, and God knows what else. What I really do know is that there is no point in taking my own life because I was put here for a reason. i will die when my days end.

WorthLess78, Female, 42, Philippines, Quezon 11-4-2009
Why? If you have that great personality you can have the woman that will make you her one and only and always be the first..don't get tired you haven't met your true love yet and your still young. I feel the same, tired. Really tired, actually. Loving someone who can't love you back makes you tired a million times. He makes me feel worthless, lifeless.. It hurts a lot. So don't get tired until you met your true love.

EveWitch, Female, 32, Ukraine, Lviv 8-4-2009
it's time to find a proper hobby, don't you think? when i was in the same situation I sterted capoeira.

xsissyx, Female, 34, United Kingdom, plymkouth 2-4-2009
If you learn to love yourself then others will follow. Maybe your going for the wrong men and maybe your friends are selfish and aren't thinking of your feelings. It sounds to me like you're blaming yourself but if you really think... In the relationships you've had did you show your partners love? If yes then you should of been shown love in return- if you weren't then they were obviously selfish lovers. Also when you were in a relationship did you see your friends as much as you do while single? If yes then your friends aren't showing you the loyalty you've shown them in the past. If no then maybe when people get in relationships they tend to see less of their friends... I know I see less of my girlfriends when they get in relationships but that's life.... and it's certainly not a reason to end yours. Life is precious and should never be thrown away. Hope what I've said has helped you... even in the slightest X

g3devi, Female, 44, India, kollam 30-3-2009
will u be my friend, ill give u care and support unconditionally...................Love is a mindset that commits one person to engage into actions that include sacrifice, respect and compromise for the purpose of benefiting the person being loved. They are carried out with respect to the other person. Without respect, there's no love. True love is a continual process over time; it is not the "fuzzy feelings" or the "intense physical chemistry/attraction". These are simply lust. Unfortunately today's young men and women are so easily confused between love and lust.


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