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Love Confession

I Love Him, but He Doesn't Love Me

autumnamor, Female, 31, USA, L.A.

I love him.
So, so much.
He's all I ever think about.
He found out I liked him today.
He has a girlfriend.
He doesn't know that I love him. He only knows I like him.
He is moving schools this week.
I won't be able to see him.
He is my best friend too.
Isn't that how all true love starts? As friendship.
I have read so many stories about that.
I can't seem to get over him.
I want to because I will never even have a chance with him.
I had my chance at the beginning of the year, and I wouldn't except it.
I regret that everyday of my life.
I just love him so much.
He would probably think I'm crazy and obsessed if he found out how much I think of him, how many times I go to him myspace profile every day, and how badly I want him to love me too.

I've never met his girlfriend.
But I really want to.
I've heard she is a really big slut.
I hate her so much.
I want to scratch her eyes out, and rip all her hair off. You don't even know how badly I love him.

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