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Love Confession


vrindha, Female, 35, India, delhi

This confession i am making is to get rid of some burdens i have though its not cos of any of my fault rather its coz of the wrong things imposed on me n asked me to accept them,i really love my guy like anything initially when we started up wth the realtion it was good but he alwas crip coz of my past i try to make him realise its of no concern to him as he was not there when i was wth some other guy but in present he is imp to me n i want to be wth him for my lifelong but he dosent care rather keep blaming me n saying bad thgings to me everyday he humilate me saying i am a pro n blame my famuily for he same n says i am just intrested having physicaly relations wth many a guys dosent matter inferior or superior he says he will make ma cry like heell n make my life hhell n b4 other people he completely changes n showz as if he cares for me to show to others as is he loves m n he do it for his repo sake so other think of him to be nice but the momenyt we r alone he says i am a bitch n a hore it hurts me n he says it makes him feel happy god if u r punishing me os of my past sins then i beg u for forgivness as i really love this guy so help me to be wth him forever n ask him to respect trust n love me kindly help me n forgive me for all my sins i beg of to you lord jesus

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