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I broke her heart

lostsoul1987, Male, 31, United Kingdom, Liverpool

I've been talking to a girl in America for a few months now and we fell in love straight away. We always talk on the phone and by email and I can't see myself with anyone else but her. However things have got a bit complicated lately.

She was raped by her ex-boyfriend and is pregnant. She's keeping the baby and although I was far from keen on the idea but I have grown to accept the situation because I can't bear to lose her.

Earlier this week we had an argument over something trivial which I overreacted to and she said that she didn't think it would work out and that things were never going to get better. I knew something was wrong the night before because she was very distant and I told her that if she didn't want to be with me then she just had to say the word. She said she did and then she sent me an email while I was asleep. I was so hurt and upset that I brought up the fact that she was having a baby conceived through rape and called her 'damaged'. I am disgusted with myself for saying it and although she's prepared to try and work things out I'm scared that she'll throw me away for someone else cos she's good friends with a guy over there who she said she clicked with.

I haven't told my family I'm going to be with her despite her having a kid that's not biologically mine. I wish I could because I'm so serious about her.

I went to church earlier today, for the first time in over four years, to confess my sins but I still feel horrible and I want to make it up to her so much and prove that she is the one.

That's all I can say really.

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personuk, Male, 39, United Kingdom, LONDON 9-6-2009
mate let her go she is not for you you can do better

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