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my past 3

Micky, Female, 42, Thailand, bkk

I moved to live in an apartment near my work.i got to know a lady next door, she was a prostitude..I looked at her like something strange at first.. but then because of my lonliness i started to be friend with her. she asked me to go out with her to a pup where she normally went to get her customers from. i refuse at the beginning but then later i agreed to go with her, deeply i was mad at the guy i hung out with who threated me like garbage..
so i thought why should i beg him for sex.. i could go to get a guy who i like and he would pay for me in stead.
that night i dressed up my self sexy.. when i step down from my house i was thinking that""am i going to do this for sure?"""" then my dark side said "its just an expirience ,,like a making a thesis of prostitude life..
I asked my self again" what if my parents know,there must be so sad"" my dark side said that"" they not going to know and no one can ever think of i doing it"

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