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Love Confession

yea I was inlove once....and I'll never do it again

pinkdemon, Female, 31, USA, Austin

I loved you so much! you told me you loved me! not as a friend, you said while we were at the Short Stop parking lot(you were eating a small fry and lemonade slush) "I really like you, but I'm gay if I wasnt gay then we would be together." thats exactly what you said!!!!!!! I poored my heart out to you,I told you my sick obsessions, the things i do to get over my anger, and the things that have happened to me in my childhood. I poored my heart out to you, I gave you my all, you built me up and left me standing there. why? why would you do that? no one in the world will ever make me feel the way you did. My heart skipped a beat whenever you told me you two were together. Suicide was the only thing on my mind when I woke up in the morning.that happened 4 months ago. I cried for 3wks straight. and I prayed to god for relief.thank you god for giving me the strength.

He still calls me, but for some reason he doesnt talk about "her" . and our friendship will never ever be the same

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