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Love Confession

In love with a guy inever knew..

BLAHHHH12, Female, 30, USA, O\'Fallon

Okay So this is a strange story buts its all completely true.
About a year ago I fell in love with this guy I don't even know, I've seen picture and videos of him but we've never met. He's famous and I know what your thinking I love him for his looks and nothing else. But thats not true.
I really like his personallity and everything about him.
I pretty much all you can know about someone you don't know? But he's famous so of course i read his facts online :] I know a lot about him and he really inspires me. We have so much in common, it feels like were meant to be but I feeel crazy for thinking that because we don't even know each other..! Every night I cry, wishing we could be together begging to god. I always think I have depression but I know i'm onlu sad because I can't have him.
Call me crazy
But I know I love him..
Even with all the pain I'm going through I'd never wish I never loved him becuase..
Loving him makes me happy :]
thanks for reading this it means a lot!
Comment and tell me how u feel.

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