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Is this adultry

OutofAfrica1, Female, 40, United Kingdom, London

I have been married for a few years and have two beautiful children. My husband is nasty to me sometimes and yesterday for example threw an object at me. The more and more this continues I keep thinking about past boyfriends and how life would have panned out if I had got together with so and so. I remember one guy from my school days he just had to touch my hand or talk to me and I would blush. As silly as it sounds I think about him and the boyfriend after that. I was a virgin when I married my husband and have never ever slept with or kissed anyone else. I sometimes wish that I could have a day in another life and I know it's sounds awful and I feel so guilty having these thoughts when I am a married women. Do I tell my husband my thoughts or just pray for them to go away? Because right now I don't deserve the treatment I am getting and other than debt and two kids I don't have anything else. Thanks for reading.

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