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Love Confession

impossible love

Jullianna, Female, 32, Romania, Cluj

I am in love with my first love's best friend and room mate. I always loved his room mate, since day one, the first time i saw him smile...just i would have never met him had i not been with the first guy...
And now we're broken up for over a year and i love his roomate...and he loves me, i feel it, but there's the "bro code" and it sucks...I can;t make him breaak that, and I'm not sure I have the strength to tell him I love him back...there's no going back after that, there's either not caring about anyone else, or running away from one another...he called me "the forbidden fruit"...i think of him the same way...i need him so much, and i cannot get close to him..and it hurts...writing it down did not help me at all, it just made me realise that i really love him...

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