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Had been in love with my friend..

lovemyfriend, Female, 32, Philippines, Caloocan

I am so confused. Anyone please help me with my current situation.

This guy is my friend. His girlfriend is also my friend. My problem starts here. He called me to get into his house to talk some matters. His girlfriend was not with him that time. Then, while talking, we both drinking beers. I got drunk and stayed with him all night. I didn't expect that something might happen. I don't remember the exact things he had done to me. But I know that happened (I hope you know what I mean). After a days, I am not talking with him that much. I put my distance away from him. But that didn't take away my fears. He tried to talk to me about my problem, but not directly what had happened to us.

After a months, I tried to forget everything. For my friends to stop worrying about me, I putted myself to my normal life. I was already talking with him but with a gap.

Just one day, through chatting, he just said that he misses my company. He misses the way I treat him before. We didn't talk about what had happened to us that night. We never tried. He just said that he had a special feeling for me which I had just ignored. He just reminisced the way we jokes with each other.

Since that, he always asking me about my moods, If I were ok, asking me to get out and eat some lunch.

One day, he just told me that his relationship with his girlfriend will soon be ended after everything will be settled (graduation of her). I don't know what I feel.

He makes me feel that I am special in some ways when we are together with or without our friends.

Every time I am looking at him, there something that I could not easily explained. I don't know if I already love him. But the way he act, that's totally obvious that he likes me.

I am just confused because his girlfriend is also my friend and she did not know everything about what happened to us.

Please do help me. I don't know what to think. I am really confused with my feelings.

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