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Love Confession

please help me

leapoard, Male, 34, India, jamshedpur

I am in deep love with a girl and i care about her a lot i don't know what to do. I had burnt my hand with cigar . I was working with her, we where best friend and i had never told her that i am in love with her because with the fact that if she says no than i cant live with that so i had left the job thinking that if i go away from her i would forget her but i cant stop my self , she always talk to me like my dear friend when ever i call her . I wanted to marry her . without her i cant live i will give up my live . I am searching for jobs . I am hotel management graduate. she too. O god help me or call me . I my life i had never felt so much helpless before , O GOD PLEASE HELP ME I AM ON THE EDGE OF LOSS I AM FATE UP WITH THIS LIFE PLEASE CALL ME , PLEASE CALL ME I CAN'T LIVE WITH OUT HER

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Comments By Other Users

tirakiss, Female, 41, Japan, Tokyo 12-6-2009
Yup. Just go for it. I was the one who confess to one of my former bf. And it turns out that he is not the expressive kinda therefore he shuns away the thought of confessing to me. Luckily i take the initiative. Thou we broke up at the end, i really treasure the memories and moments i spent with him. =)

Boblator, Female, 30, United Kingdom, Manchester 2-6-2009
cheer up or tell her how you feel. If she doesn't feel the same way then go out more and meet other women and people. When love knocks you down, get back up and try again with someone else =]

artisabang, Female, 30, USA, scottsdale 2-6-2009
Don't fear rejection! Trust me, I had the same problem. There was this guy I really liked pretty much loved I kept it a secret, one night he asked if i liked him, I was so afraid he would reject me that I said no. Well a month later I found out he liked me. but I was too late he moved away.... now every day I think about what could of happend between us... Please ask her out, don't be like me... do it before it's too late. Besides its just a question! If you really like her, take the chance. I know its hard. but risk it. I was so afraid of rejection Im 18 and never had a boyfriend... So go for it!

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