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Cheating--I'm sorry!

putthepastbehind, Male, 31, USA, Dayton

I don't think I was sorry at the time but I definitely am now. I think I did it because I lacked confidence and because you were being controlling. I feel I needed to lash out against you. This is what happened. I would tell you but I truly think that it would only prevent you from achieving your goals. All that we have been through would be ruined if I told you. I want to tell you badly though. I even think you would understand but it would put you off track. I want you to know that I will NEVER do it again. I can see now. I needed to do this to see. I'm sorry for having sex with another girl, making out with three other girls and for giving oral sex to another. I hope that good will forgive me and understand why I cannot tell you. I believe what I am doing is right. I hope everyone can see that. Lord have mercy on me!

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