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Eye witness account of jesus.

prophecy2016, Male, 39, USA, Daytona

When I was 16 God revealed himself to me in the clouds, When I tried to get up and run I was physically unable to do so. Then later that year I heard his voice in a vision I had. His voice was THUNDER, and he spoke with anger "Trust in the lord thy god" I will never 4get that night. Also in that same vision I saw the body of christ, his skin was pure gold, PERFECT is the word to describe him. I didn't see his face, because his dreadlocks hung over his face, I thought I was dead at this time. The words to describe GOD is MAJESTIC, POWERFUL and ALMIGHTY.
Just his presence alone will put you in total fear, unlike any fear imaginable.
I really feel that god dislikes me, because of the way my life has gone so far. My pastor/uncle had sex with the mother of my 1st child and he has been even more blessed since. When I did go to church, people use to laugh and talk about me because I didnt have alot of church clothes, so I will never be back in church again, nothing but bad ever came from going. I have 0 friends, 0 family outside of my own kids. If I died today no one would care...Even when I heard GODS voice talking to me, he was clearly upset with me... GOD BLESS YOU ALL...

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whizkid123, Male, 34, Canada, winnipeg 27-6-2009
youre pretty much an ahole and you should never use this sight again the way you do


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