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unfaithful in my mind

2bfaithful, Female, 38, USA, jax

So my husband is on deployment and I have this temp job. At my job is this guy who isn't sizzling hot, but he makes me sizzle. And little did I know, I make him sizzle too. We ended up telling eachother about out physical attraction. We hung out, but never alone,although we were able to steal away from the group for a couple of kisses. It got to the point that I setup a second email that I only accessed from work, just to communicate with him. Well, I finally backed off last week, we were getting close to doing something I would definitely regret. I have a great husband who I love with all my heart, but this guy is really attractive and I just want to do him. No strings attached, no bad feelings, just hot sex. I feel bad for my husband because he's over in the desert and her I am lusting after another man.

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