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I didn't say No.

jessica, Female, 45, Denmark, aalborg

My friend since highschool has been away from home and I was talking with her husband on facebook 2 days ago. I had a feeling he might be hitting on me, but then again it could've been just friendliness. He asked me to come over, see their daughter and to just have a few drinks and spend the night. I've done that several times when my friend has been at home too.

Well I went. This time he first offers to scrub my back when I had a shower. After thinking a while I said sure, if you are serious. I don't know why I said that. Then after he massages my shoulders, later my face, and moves down to my breasts too. I don't stop him. We had sex 2-3 times. Yikes. I cheated on my own boyfriend and on my friend. I am freaked out, but I don't really regret it either. It wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either. It feels weird. And I feel like I have to tell someone and at the same time they can never know. I am afraid she'll find out. More afraid that she'll find out than that my boyfriend will find out. I am weird.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 7-6-2009
this may hav ben ur 1st affair but after this it wont b ur last jus keep ur mouth shut n u'll hav the time of ur life i promise jus shh,i'm bi n luv it n seein my friends daughter but she knows not 2 talk not becaus its illegal but its her kid so from exper glu ur lips shut k

Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 7-6-2009
jessica u had an ok time with this guy but the last thing u ned is 2 hav a conscience tellin u 2 tell ur friend or b/f fuck that shit,u'll only make things worse look u fuckd the guy so wat now keep ur b/f n keep ur friend n if he gets a conscience n wants 2 blab then deny everthing n she'll kick him 2 the curb n u'll still b friends but she can never no n jus think if u told her or ur b/f wat would it help, i can tell u,IT WONT HELP A DAMN THING WILL IT SWEETHEART SO KEEP UR MOUTH SHUT n keep away from that kind of stuff if u want 2 stay friends with ppl but the excitment of not gettin caught will prob want u 2 go back n do it again so b prepared 4 that temptation,i've ben there many times but i aint sayin shit n i luv lookin my friends n the face knowing i've fuckd thier husband,b/f n my favorite is wen i hav sex with thier son or daughter n they dont no n dont hav a clue

jessica, Female, 45, Denmark, aalborg 6-6-2009
I wasnt going to, but I did once. Now I've turned him down once too.

fitlad83, Male, 39, United Kingdom, london 6-6-2009
Hi Jessica, sounds like you had fun, the question is would you accept his invitiation again?

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