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no strings attached

stilldoll, Female, 31, USA, Chicago

I'm in a no strings attached relationship. I hate and loath it, i'm not dating anyone so I'm basically not cheating on anyone and he is single as well. We are just a no strings attached relationship where just have sex to fullfill our lust...I suppose. It's basically sex without any actual love but see the problem is I think I might actually love him... I dont know what to do and I don't like now knowing what to do

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Comments By Other Users

shouldbeD, Female, 44, USA, San Diego 15-6-2009
you should walk away because chances are you're gonna get hurt and the longer you do it the worse it gets.

Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 7-6-2009
girl u beter get a damn grip or any relationship at all might b lost. u new wen u got into a no strings relationship that it meant no strings thats the whole point so if u show u want strings then it mayb over 4 good,instead of tellin him how u feel try 2 make him fall 4 u sumhow,u hav 2 go bout it without lettin him no that u hav strings n ur heart 4 him so bcareful not 2 fuck up. in my opinion u ned 2 keep it no strings n jus enjoy great sex with this guy if it is great sex if not i'd drop his ass so fast it aint funny.

fitlad83, Male, 39, United Kingdom, london 6-6-2009
tell him and see what happens

fitlad83, Male, 39, United Kingdom, london 6-6-2009
tell him and see what happens

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