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my lies

nagaraj, Male, 34, India, karnataka

my parents have gone through a lot of problems to give me a very good education,brought me up as a silent,truthful boy.I was a very good also a rank student at school too.The very problem at that time was my mother couldnt take my failures for eg. i scored 57% in my 5th grade i was but i was warned by my mom to tell everyone that i scored 75% the best thing was i was made to study by my mom at 6th grade i scored 75% this time.But was curious to know why was i made to lie to everyone that i scored 75% in my 5th.Time went on the next time when i scored less 50% was at my first year of college again a lie to everyone this repeated until my first year engg.
But now such as it i was in a position where i couldnt handle my failure ,i flunked for the first time in subject in my 1st year but lied to my parents but told them i had a low scores in overall subjects.
2nd year i flunked in 2 subjects which went on to increase year by year at my final year i had totally 11 backlogs and a year back i my lies were growing this time i lied them that i was going to coll without informing them that i had a year back,i had thought i could clear them this time but my mistake i mistook the date of a critical exam and went on a different date again i a year back for me.
I have been lying to everyone about these things
now yet to clear subjects and also attend my final year. my parents think that i have flunked in a project work at my final sem and managed to get some time
I ONLY LIED TO THEM BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SEE TEARS IN THERE EYES ,BECAUSE THEY HAVE UNDERGONE A LOT OF FAILURES AND WORKED VERY HARD TO PUT ME INTO COLL.But now i am regretting my lies yet i am not able to clear my faults ,i am getting paranoid these days as i am being asked to get my marks card and to join a job.

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