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jayra74, Male, 46, Canada, Toronto

When I was 18 I got married; I didnt want to but I needed to stay in the country. We got married by law and catholic church; we got divorced two years later. Several years later I met a woman who I fell i love with, she is very catholic. The minute I met her I knew I want it to marry her but the catholic faith doesnt not recognize divorce. I never told her I was married by the church.4 years ago we married (law and church) with the help of a priest (who understood my situation) and managed to get a certificate; we have two wonderful children and a good marriage but I am always hunted by the fact that I lied to her and I still do. I never told her the truth about my past...I am very afraid that she could one day find out and my world would come down and crash....

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movboy, Male, 46, USA, norwalk 17-6-2009
You got married the first time out of your need to survive. I am sure you were from a place where going back is not acceptable or safe. God will forgive you and so will your current wife. Good luck!

shouldbeD, Female, 44, USA, San Diego 15-6-2009
let it die here... no need at this point.

personuk, Male, 42, United Kingdom, LONDON 9-6-2009
dont tell her - take it to the grave theres no need for her to know it will break her heart.

artisabang, Female, 32, USA, scottsdale 2-6-2009
you should tell her! This is a good test of faith in you! If she really loves you she will understand. A good wife stands by her man no matter what.

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